Document Automation

Automate the production of letters, forms, invoices, job reports, purchase orders and other documents.

Automatically insert appropriate information from your database and include/exclude text, paragraphs,  and other elements as required.

Save documents automatically and link them to customer and order records for later quick retrieval and full history.

Generate PDFS , file and attach to email for a paperless process

Customer Management Sysytem


Contact management systems can improve communication and customer service in your business, and help manage your leads and customers. Some of the benefits of using a contact management system are:

  • Get an organised and comprehensive view of the people that you do business with or would like to do business with
  • Keep your contact history details in one place so you can access it easily and quickly
  • Improve customer service by helping sales representatives follow up with customers
  • Consolidate disparate spreadsheets and other sources of contact information and share it within your organisation
  • Send emails, generate documents and communicate with your customer base